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We often provide vitamin D3 samples to professional offices to:

  • Initiate patient care
  • Provide to patients who require increased dosing for loading
  • Provide to patients who cannot afford the product

Physician Recommended: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"MAX D3 cured my deficiency which was so severe that I had secondary hyperparathyroidism. 

[I] was severely deficient when the endocrinologist told me to take your product. Have been perfect ever since."

Barbara Barlow MD, FACS, FAAP 
Columbia University Medical Center - Professor of Surgery in Epidemiology


For retail product information, please contact:

Our licensed distributor, Pro Pharma LLC, will ship the product.


For cholecalciferol for clinical studies, please contact:



The most common regimen for loading and initial follow up with Maximum D3®:

  • Serum 25(OH)D <18-20 ng/ml: 1 capsule daily for 30 days, then 2 capsules weekly
  • Serum 25(OH)D >20 ng/ml: 2 capsules weekly
  • Then reassess 25 (OH)D levels after 12 weeks.

These recommendations apply only to Maximum D3®.


The ideal range is generally between 30 and 60ng/ml of 25(OH) cholecalciferol.

It is generally recognized that the minimal blood level needed to prevent overt bone disease is 20 ng/ml.

Good evidence exists for a risk of overt bone disease (osteomalacia, Rickets) with levels below 20 ng/ml.  There is decent evidence for suboptimal calcium absorption with levels below 32 ng/ml.  Primitive sun-exposed populations have 25(OH)D levels predominantly in the 40-60 ng/ml range.

Toxicity from short-term exposure requires levels near or above 150 ng/ml.  Studies to assess the long-term safety of levels from 80 to 150 ng/ml are lacking.  The Institute of Medicine recommends against doses averaging above 4,000 IU/day in unsupervised patients.  The above recommendation is based on lack of evidence for additional benefit, limited data for adverse effect and uncertainty over toxicity from chronic use.


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The only ingredients in Maximum D3® are vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol), non-GMO soybean lecithin, FD&C Blue 1 on half of the gelatin shell, and bovine (beef) gelatin.

The pill is a small, size #2 hard gel capsuple containing 325 mcg of cholecalciferol in a digestible oil base. The capsules are manufactured, packaged and warehoused in FDA-registered and inspected facilities. Quality, packaging and stability are to available USP and FDA standards.

Contains: Soy


The dosage and formulation have been intelligently designed:

  • The hard gel cap for stability
  • The digestible oil for consistency of potency (mixing), stability and absorption

Maximum D3® conforms to USP standards <581> for purity, <2091> for weight variation, and <2040> for disintegration and dissolution and conforms to available USP standards for ingredients.

PLEASE NOTE: Each production lot is tested prior to distribution. Ingredients are also tested prior to production and later testing is done for evidence of contamination or degradation.