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Maximum D3 - A Vitamin D3 product

Pharmaceutical quality Vitamin D3 - the original 10,000 IUD3 preparation. Each capsule contains a small amount of digestible oil to optimize absorption.


The purpose of this site is to:

  • Advocate the use of cholecalciferol - vitamin D3- in an appropriate dose as a necessary part of bone health, calcium regulation and immune modulation.

  • Provide an acceptable and reliable substitute to sun exposure.

  • Offer a convenient and secure means for ordering Maximum D3®, the original higher dosage pharmaceutical quality vitamin D3 available in the United States without prescription.

MAXIMUM D3® 10,000 IU


MAXIMUM D3® is a high quality preparation of vitamin D3 designed to be used as a nutritional supplement to support bone health. It is intended as a maintenance preparation - to be taken weekly on a regular basis. The formulation of MAXIMUM D3® has been carefully considered with regards to adequate amount, dosing convenience, and safety. Taken weekly by adults it is expected to maintain adequate blood levels of vitamin D and - when used in conjunction with adequate calcium intake - to assist in the prevention of osteoporosis.

The pill is a small hard gel cap containing 0.25 mg of pharmaceutical quality cholecalciferol in a digestible oil base. The only ingredients are vitamin D3, non-GMO soybean lecithin, and bovine gelatin. The capsules are manufactured, packaged and warehoused in FDA registered facilities. Quality, packaging and stability are to available USP (and FDA) standards. The capsules are mounted on a push out card of 5 for convenience and safety in dosing. Hence, one card is a 5 week supply.

A single gel cap contains approximately the same amount - of the same human pro-hormone - a light skinned person would make if exposed to summer sun for a few hours.


Vitamin D's actions are best understood in its role in calcium metabolism. Without it a person is not able to absorb the calcium in his or her diet or maintain the proper balance of calcium and phosphorus to build and maintain bones and effect muscle contraction. Lack of vitamin D can also cause over stimulation of the parathyroid gland and muscle aches and weakness.

Vitamin D is also metabolized and has activity in many other tissues. Its functions appear very important to a number of basic immune system processes. These are areas of active research. Regulation of cell differentiation and modulation of the immune system appear to be vitamin d’s original role. Gene expression and cell differentiation in numerous tissues has been demonstrated. Definitive claims or conclusions about these processes remain premature.


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