Maximum D3® is proudly produced in the US and managed by the Grote family.  We recognize that every person is unique and deserves a product that aids in their individual health needs.

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General philosophy: evidence-based information; proven need and efficacy should take precedence over complex and impressive.

Maximum D3® was designed by Dr. Grote when he was an internist in Illinois.  Dr. Grote strongly believes in the benefits of vitamin D.  He was frustrated that high-quality supplements were not available to his patients, so he carefully formulated Maximum D3® to be effective, convenient and safe.

Dr. Grote has participated in the design of several research projects related to vitamin D and is a named author on peer-reviewed and published research articles.

Dr. James A. Grote


  • M.D. - UCLA, 1974
  • Residencies and previous board certification - Family Practice & Internal Medicine
  • Undergraduate Studies - Chemistry, Math & Biology


  • Physician, Internal Medicine with practice emphasis on Geriatrics - 1979-2007
  • Physician, Internal Medicine - Veterans Affairs Medical Clinic - 2007-2012